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     As the precursor of the department, the Graduate Institute of Economics was founded in August 2000 to cultivate talents for the government and private enterprises with empirical research capacities, conceptual and logical reasoning ability, and policy formulation and implementation skills. The undergraduate program was later created in August 2002 and was initially named “Department of Applied Economics” under the College of Social Science. In August 2003, due to an organization restructuring of the university, this department was relocated to the College of Management and, with the new aim to nurture students’ capacities both of economics and management, the undergraduate program was renamed “Department of Managerial Economics”. Subsequently, in compliance with the regulation of Ministry of Education to combine undergraduate and graduate studies into single teaching programs, the department was renamed “Department of Managerial Economics & Graduate Institute of Economics” in August 2007.

     A recent global and domestic trends looming in many socioeconomic developments is that leisure-related manufacturing and service industries have become the industries with very high potential for a prolonged development. Consequently, leisure industry has grown into one of the industries that this country intends to develop enthusiastically. Leisure industry study was originally a branch of economics, and the main research was focused on inputs and outputs of individual leisure behavior, creation of leisure values, management of leisure business and planning and development of leisure industry. As a result, there is close connection between the concepts in leisure industry economics and managerial economics. Due to the country’s current demand for leisure industry professionals, the department has decided to focus on leisure industry talent cultivation. Therefore, beginning in August 2012 (academic year of 101), and with Ministry of Education approval the department has been renamed “Department of Leisure Management and Economics (including Master Program)”

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